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Cross cultural coaching helps you to build relationships competently and comfortably with clients and colleagues from different national and corporate cultures. A long-term coaching relationship with just-in-time sessions on demand is the ideal way to fine tune your intercultural awareness.



  • During the course of your cross cultural coaching sessions you will be able to:
  • Understand your own cultural values
  • Be aware of how others perceive you
  • Develop cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • Analyse communication patterns
  • Reflect on your experience
  • Recognize and cope with cultural pitfalls
  • Comfortably adapt your behaviour to the needs of the target cultures while staying true to yourself
  • Ultimately offer intercultural insight and support to the client


Content summary

  • Intercultural awareness
  • Understand the cultural contexts that impact communication and leadership
  • Discover how your culture impacts your behaviour and communication
  • Challenge cultural assumptions and live comfortably with diversity
  • Learn to be culturally aware without falling into negative stereotyping
  • Develop skills to manage cultural differences
  • Develop client coaching tools


Knowledge / experience loop

  • Analyze your experience and learn from it
  • Put into practice immediately the knowledge you have acquired
  • Anticipate and thus avoid potential conflicts
  • Manage intercultural self-development
  • Build and lead international teams


Country specific input

FRANCE, GERMANY, UK, USA, and others on demand



  • Individual coaching and feedback sessions
  • Face-to-face, on-line, on the phone
  • Experience based learning
  • Case examples
  • In German and/or English
  • Preparation for international situations and events













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